Nanchang Customs Clears CRE Train of Household Appliances to Russia

Under the control of Nanchang Customs, a train of China Railway Express (CRE), carrying 50 containers of household appliances like washing machines worth 1.48 million US dollars, left Nanchang on February 18 for Moscow, Russia as the first CRE train of household appliances dispatched from Jiangxi Province.   

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sea transport capacity has been reduced a lot in foreign trade, and thus CRE has become the sole international means of transport on the Eurasia continent.

To help enterprises access to international markets, Nanchang Customs District actively supports Jiangxi Province to engage in the “Belt and Road” development by upholding CRE‘s two-way transportation between Nanchang and Moscow; carries out new measures like “two-step declaration” and “two-phase admission” in CRE clearance; promotes customization of special trains to demonstrate CRE advantages in routes and supplies; keeps a special service counter and hotline providing services around the clock to streamline full paperless clearance.  

During the Spring Festival vacation, Nanchang Customs cleared 10 CRE trains inward and outward, with 996 TEUs in total.

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