Xiamen Customs Seizes 350,000 Boxes of Counterfeit Mosquito-Repellent Incenses


On November 3, Zhongshan LANJU Daily Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. informed Xiamen Customs that the 350,000 boxes of mosquito-repellent incenses, previously seized by the Customs, were infringing on its intellectual property right (IPR), thereby applying for the Customs enforcement. This case marks the first seizure by Xiamen Customs and the largest of the nation in quantity since the nationwide campaign coded “Long Teng” was launched to strike IPR infringement.


A few days earlier, Gongbei Customs was informed by Zhongshan LANJU that there would be a large quantity of counterfeit mosquito-repellent incenses to be exported from Xiamen; then, Gongbei Customs and Xiamen Customs jointly intercepted a batch of outbound incenses at the Xiamen port.


The goods suspected, in 3 containers, were declared “mosquito-repellent incenses” for export. Through inspection, Customs officers found the packing boxes of the incenses were extremely similar to the packing pattern of Zhongshan LANJU’s registered with the Customs. Therefore, Xiamen Customs immediately contacted Zhongshan LANJU to confirm the IPR infringement.


By statistics, from January to September, Xiamen Customs seized 117 batches of IPR-infringing goods in both import and export processes, the goods totaling 3,821,600 pieces and valued at 35,849,300 yuan.



350,000 boxes of counterfeit mosquito-repellent incenses seized by Xiamen Customs




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