Nanjing Customs Helps Export COFCO Rice Abroad

COFCO Donghai Oil & Food Industry (Zhangjiagang) Company Ltd., one of the world’s biggest producers of oil and foods, is engaged in processing soybeans, wheat, rice, oil and exporting/importing relevant products.  

Under the leadership of Nanjing Customs District, Jingang Customs House classifies food exporters by enterprise credit rating, giving relevant clearance facilitations. COFCO Donghai is an advanced certified enterprise and its food safety management system is always under the care of the Customs House, involving raw materials procurement, production process, and internal inspection.  

During the pandemic period, Jingang Customs House provided efficient support for COFCO rice export. For example, the Customs was aware of the company’s export plan, product quality and field inspection in advance; helped the company match its quality indicators with those of a qualified inspection agency to improve its product quality; streamlined the export process to minimize inspection and certification time and enhance the clearance efficiency. Additionally, the Customs collaborated well with local Commerce Administration and Market Regulation Administration in promoting food safety and food export.  

Throughout 2020, Jingang Customs House cleared rice exports totaling 126 batches and 30,000 tons, 7 times and 2.9 times up year-on-year respectively.

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