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Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 This Law is formulated for the purpose of safeguarding state sovereignty and national interests, strengthening Customs supervision and control, promoting exchanges with foreign countries in economic affairs, trade, science and technology, and culture and ensuring socialist modernization.

Article 2 The Customs of the People’s Republic of China is a governmental organization responsible for supervision and control over all arrivals in and departures from the Customs territory (hereinafter referred to as the territory ). It shall, in accordance with this Law and other related laws and administrative regulations, exercise control over means of transport, goods, travellers’ luggage, postal items and other articles entering or leaving the territory (hereinafter referred to as inward and outward means of transport, goods and articles), collect Customs duties and other taxes and fees, prevent and combat smuggling, compile Customs statistics and handle other Customs operations.

Article 3 The State Council sets up the Customs General Administration, which is charged with the responsibility of carrying unified administration of all the Customs offices throughout the country.

Customs offices are set up by the State at ports of entry open to foreign trade and at places and regions that require concentrated Customs operations. The subordination of one Customs office to another shall not be restricted by administrative divisions.

The Customs offices exercise their functions and powers independently in accordance with the law and are accountable to the Customs General Administration.