Hangzhou Customs Seizes Illegally Inward Rosewood Products

On September 25, Hangzhou Customs disclosed that the Customs has recently intercepted four cases of illegal entry of rosewood products taken by passengers, seizing 78 pieces of such products, about 67 kilograms in total.


"In the four cases, what we seized are Asiatic rosewood and Burma blackwood, both were listed under protected endangered wildlife last year," said the officer Jin Yu with Xiaoshan Airport Customs House.


Last September, Asiatic rosewood and Burma blackwood were listed into Appendix of the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” (CITES), formally effective on January 2 this year. According to China regulations, entry and exit of endangered wildlife and their products must be subjected to Import and Export Permit by the Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office.



Customs officers are checking the seized rosewood artwork.



The seized rosewood vase is on display.




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