Huangpu Customs Delivers the First Legal Instrument with E-Signature to a Company

A few days ago, Huangpu Customs delivered over the internet an electronic “Request for Comment on Audit-Based Control”, which was stamped with an auditor’s personal e-signature for the first time, to Dongfeng Honda Motor Company Limited. Afterwards, within only 3 minutes, the Company received this legal instrument on the “Internet+Customs” platform and immediately took actions as required.

Since Huangpu Customs launched the “Internet + audit-based control” operation in September 2017, enterprises have submitted online audit documents for 254 times and interacted with the Customs online for over 180 times, getting higher efficiency in transactions.Legal instruments were always delivered in the paper form. Now, Huangpu Customs has made a breakthrough therein as per the law of electronic signature.

“The e-seal/signature system can be used to stamp e-documents with Customs e-seals or an auditor’s personal e-seal/signature. Legal instruments with such e-seal/signature can be transmitted to enterprises through the ‘Internet + Customs’ platform. Relevant e-receipts from enterprises are reinforced with digital seal/signature, thus making them equal in force to paper receipts,” said Fan Zhifeng, an audit officer of Huangpu Customs.

Mr. Lin Zicong, Director of the Division of Audit-Based Control of Huangpu Customs, indicated that the application of e-seal/signature has enabled online delivery of relevant legal instruments, thus achieving a win-win status between Customs and enterprises.

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