China Railway Express Carries Turkish Goods Into Horgos, Xinjiang

On the early morning of December 17, a train of China Railway Express (CRE) returning from Turkey entered the port of Horgos, Xinjiang Region, as the first CRE train carrying import goods from Turkey since November 2019. This train, scheduled to reach the destination of Xi’an (Shaanxi Province) on December 19, was loaded with 163.68 tons of goods in 42 containers, with cargo value over 10.36 million yuan.

In order to ensure fast clearance of the inbound train, Horgos Customs House, Railway Administration and enterprises collaborated all-roundly with each other. Particularly, the Customs House conducted paperless transit processing with online approval and, by simultaneously handling the train reloading and import declaration, achieved a seamless integration between customs control and railway operations to release the train in seconds.   

Notably, this return train also marked the first run on south CRE passage (i.e. the transport network including cross-Caspian Sea transport corridor and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars transport route), which will bring more logistics resources to the passage, reduce the operating cost and increase market benefits to promote open economic development under the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

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