Nanchang Customs Helps Export Live Pigs to Macao


On August 11, in the early morning, 99 live pigs were exported by a truck from Nanchang toward Macao after being quarantined by Nanchang Customs, marking the first direct supply of Jiangxi-originating live pigs for Macao. 


Jiangxi pigs are popular in Hong Kong and Macao markets. To facilitate the direct supply for Macao, Nanchang Customs collaborated with Gongbei Customs in coordinating the quarantine processes at both sides and communicating with the Macao counterparts to settle the supply quota. 


In strict and standard quarantine control, Nanchang Customs made thorough detections on the live pigs for epidemic (swine fever) and drug residue, permitting the export with qualified results; ensured the fitness of each pig by combination of video monitoring, mobile inspection, infrared measurement and manual quarantine in the field; also enhanced the in-transit control with detailed transport routes and emergency plans, avoiding the risk of pig death or loss.    


At Gongbei Port in Guangdong Province, the officers from Nanchang Customs helped the exporter through the clearance process, including pig transshipment during port quarantine, so as to ensure prior delivery, inspection and release to Macao without delay.


Since this year, Nanchang Customs has cleared export live pigs totaling 46,800 worth 239 million yuan.



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