China Customs Handled 70 Criminal Cases of Smuggling E-Cigarettes in 2018


Since 2018, China Customs, by collaborating with state tobacco monopoly administrations, has been engaged in the special operation against the smuggling of IQOS e-cigarettes and has made a great achievement through close control over key areas, border ports and international flights. In 2018, China Customs’ anti-smuggling force handled 70 criminal cases of smuggling IQOS e-cigarettes, with the case value totaling 540 million Yuan, seizing 63,188 cartons of IQOS e-cigarettes that were smuggled inward and verifying over 470,000 cartons smuggled in. At the entry-exit ports of Khorgos (in Xinjiang Region), Heihe and Suifenhe (in Heilongjiang Province), Shenzhen (in Guangdong Province) and Beijing (the capital), the Customs cracked down on such smuggling activities by setting electronic warning boards and making intensive inspection over passengers, luggage and mails.


As per China’s law on tobacco monopoly, all tobacco products (including cigarette) are subject to state trade control and, without the approval by tobacco monopoly administrations, any firm or individual must not import or sell tobacco products. The Customs always keeps severe punishment against false declarations and concealment on entry and exit, actively investigating for related criminal responsibility. 


China Customs reminds that it is risky to buy tobacco products through irregular channels, and that domestic consumers should not trust the false information from overseas "buy agents" to avoid getting the smuggled-in commodities without inspection and quarantine.



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