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How to Handle the Declaration Formalities for Goods Imported for Contracting Foreign Projects?

When a customs declaration is made for the imported goods, the following documents shall be submitted to and inspected by the Customs:
1. Declaration Form of the Import Goods of the People's Republic of China in triplicate;
2. Goods shipping and commercial documents; and
3. Declaration Form of the Exported Goods of the People's Republic of China signed by the Customs when inspecting the export customs declaration for goods shipped from China.
Upon the examination of the Customs, they are handled according to the following conditions: 
1. Construction machinery equipment shipped from China is released without tax by presenting the original "Declaration Form of the Customs of the People's Republic of China for the Exported Goods". 
2. For the construction machinery equipment purchased for the project during the construction, the approval procedures for importing the equipment will be examined. If there is a License for Import/Export of Goods, such license shall be submitted and inspected and released after tax are levied according to the condition of machinery equipment. Goods ensured to be re-exported within a year may be temporarily handled as the imported goods.
3. For machinery equipment needed in China purchased with foreign exchange revenues from contracting projects or the goods purchased by foreigners with goods offsetting salaries of laborers in the labor service cooperation projects, they will be released with tax by checking the approval procedures for importing equipment and the license for the imported goods. 

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