Qingdao Customs Seizes Waste Powder Coatings, Ferrosilicon and Waste Plastics from Smuggling

Customs seizure of the outward smuggled ferrosilicon


On September 14, under the unified command of the GACC, Qingdao Customs District carried out the fourth round of the “Blue Sky 2018” campaign to strike the smuggling of illicit imported waste.


With the help of other Customs Districts, Qingdao Customs busted a number of smuggling rings, captured 15 criminal suspects, onsite seized 420 tons of waste powder coatings and 40 tons of smuggled ferrosilicon, and verified the smuggling of waste powder coatings and waste plastics totaling 86,000 tons and ferrosilicon totaling 80 tons. Therein, as a strategic resource, ferrosilicon is subject to China’s Export License and export duties at 20%.


Since this year, Qingdao Customs has been cracking down on the smuggling of illicit imported waste by means of intensive entry control and inspection, close collaboration with other regulatory agencies, strict registration of the import consignees, and setting up the alliance of import solid-waste identification labs to improve the identification capacity.


From January to August, regarding solid-waste smuggling, Qingdao Customs registered a total of 22 criminal cases and 38 administrative cases.


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