Hangzhou Customs Seizes 21.15-Kilograms Red Sandalwood Product


Customs seizure of the handiwork made of red sandalwood


On July 30, Zhejiang Province Forest Product Inspection Station identified that an individually 21.15-kilograms wooden handiwork, earlier seized by Hangzhou Customs, was made of endangered red sandalwood. This case marked the individually heaviest red-sandalwood intercepted at Hangzhou International Airport since this year.


The above red-sandalwood product was found out by the Airport Customs officers inside the luggage of an inbound passenger from Cambodia.


As per the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” (CITES) and the “Administrative Regulations of the P. R. China on Import and Export of Endangered Wildlife”, red sandalwood is an endangered species and therefore prohibited from entry and exit without written permits by China’s Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office.


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