Shenzhen Customs Helps Export Loading Machines to Southeast Asia

In Shenzhen Customs District, 407 large loading machines, worth 53.92 million yuan, were recently exported by ship from Dachanwan Port to Southeast Asian countries.  

In support of this export, subordinate Dachanwan Customs House provided close control and quality services in the light of exporter demands. By coordinating with the wharf operator and the carrier, the Customs House facilitated stockpile and shipment of the loading machines, reducing the warehousing and logistics costs; meanwhile opened a “green lane” with 24-hour reservation service and the “delivery by batch, inspection on arrival” convenience to ensure fast clearance and timely export.  

Regarding the export of homemade large equipment, Shenzhen Customs District provides “one-on-one” services for such exporters, including new modes like “cargo loading on arrival”, “advance declaration” and “two-step declaration” as well as the conveniences like “delivery by batch, inspection on arrival” and “control on site, release by batch”, so as to offer reform benefits and optimize port business environment. Since this year, the Customs has cleared 485 pieces of large equipment abroad, worth nearly 100 million yuan.   

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