Huangpu Customs Seizes 16,239 IPR-Infringing Goods in Cross-Border E-Commerce Export


Recently, Dongguan Customs House in Huangpu Customs District seized 16,239 pieces of IPR-infringing wristwatches and sneakers in a cross-border e-commerce export consignment, marking its first seizure of IPR infringement in cross-border e-commerce since 2020. At present, this case is under further anti-smuggling investigation.


Through out-of-box inspection, customs officers found that these goods were simple in package and rough in workmanship though they were printed with the famous marks of LV, CHANEL, CK, DIESEL, CASIO, and NIKE. Immediately, the Customs halted the clearance and, by contacting the trademark owners, confirmed the IPR infringement.


Since the launch of Soaring Dragon 2020 campaign, Dongguan Customs House has been using a cloud data platform for intensive monitoring and analysis over the high-risk commodities such as garment, bags and suitcases to achieve precise seizure of IPR infringement. The Customs also reminds cross-border e-commerce users of IPR protection awareness, such as buying commodities from qualified outlets and retaining purchase invoices and IPR evidences.


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