Fuzhou Customs Destroys 677 Tons of Frozen Foods with Harmless Process


On the morning of December 8, in Fuzhou Customs District, Ningde Customs House made harmless destruction of 677 tons of smuggled frozen foods.


Since this year, the Customs Anti-Smuggling Department has successively investigated frozen food smuggling cases code-named601and 905, and detained 1,012.8 tons of frozen foods including beef, chicken, and chicken claw from epidemic areas in USA, Brazil and Canada. In those cases, 17 criminal suspects were captured, including four arrested.


Ningde Zhangwan Garbage Disposal and Power Plant was commissioned to conduct the destruction by high-temperature incineration. The frozen foods were first put by mechanical manipulator into garbage pool and then, through dissolution, water controlling and fermentation, were put into an incinerator to burn into fuel for generating electric power. The whole treatment process, safe and environment-friendly, was under double-person operating mode, with audio-video recorder and monitor for supervision.




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