Hohhot Customs Helps Export Homemade Tractors to Mongolia



In Hohhot Customs District, 127 tow-tractors cleared customs for export to Mongolia at Baotou Customs House on August 17. These tractors, made in China, will be used for containerized coal transport between Mongolia and China.  


Seeing the thriving export of container tractors, Baotou Customs has since July cleared more than 500 such tractors to Mongolia, over 100 ones per week.


In order to support the export and China-Mongolia coal transport, Baotou Customs highlights export vehicle quality control in the mode of “advance declaration + 7×24hr reservation service + intensive inspections”, allowing consignees and consignors absent from the inspection site; provides a fast track for export vehicles with immediate inspection/release on arrival, finishing the clearance without delay; through strict quarantine process, makes sterilization over inbound/outbound vehicles and health examination over inbound/outbound personnel in a special quarantine zone; makes full closed-loop management over foreign drivers since their entry in the mode of “online declaration - quarantine control - transit control” without physical contact, allowing them to directly exit by export vehicles.      



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