Tianjin Customs Seizes 10.3-Tons Endangered Sandalwood Products

On December 22, Tianjin Customs confirmed a smuggling case of endangered yellow sandalwood products totaling 10.3 tons, marking the largest-scale seizure of endangered species in Tianjin in 2020.

On December 18, Xingang Customs House intercepted an import of wooden handiworks such as vases, tea canisters, jewel boxes and tissue boxes, which were different in texture from the declaration of “fir wood”. Through professional identification, these handiworks were made from yellow sandalwood, an endangered species listed in Appendix Ⅱ of the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” (CITES).   

According to relevant Chinese law, endangered wildlife and their products are prohibited from trading, carrying and posting inward/outward without Import/Export Permit issued by Endangered Species Import & Export Management Office of China. Now that the importer has no Import Permit of the Office, the sandalwood handiworks are detained by the Customs for anti-smuggling investigation.  

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