Zhengzhou Customs Supports Tea Export from Xinyang


In Zhengzhou Customs District, 12.7 tons of tea produced by Xinyang Lushi Tea Company were recently exported after quarantine process under the control of subordinate Xinyang Customs. Early before the export, Xinyang Customs provided many supports for the tea export clearance. 


Since the epidemic outbreak, Xinyang Customs has been upholding local tea producers in production resumption and foreign trade on the four sides as follow:


1. Policy support: customs officers made field surveys in tea producers and gave them preferential policies such as product inspection in advance, faster certification of AEO, and more clearance facilitations to help avoid trade risks. 

2. Technical support: The Customs timely informed local tea producers of foreign new-set standards on pesticide residue and guided them to make countermeasures for quality compliance.

3. Functional support: The Customs timely researched foreign technical barriers to the Chinese exports arising from the epidemic concern to help minimize the impacts on the exports.

4. Regulatory support: The Customs took regulatory measures to optimize the risk control on raw materials.

From January till April, tea exports from Xinyang City totaled 2,919.1 tons, up 82.6% YOY, accounting for 92.3% of the total quantity of Henan Province.


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