Xiamen Customs Seized 7.4 Tons of Solid E-Wastes

Xiamen Customs Seized 7.4 Tons of Solid E-Wastes


On March 27, a professional institute identified that the 7.4 tons of imported "liquid crystal displays" (LCDs), earlier seized by Xiamen Customs, were all "discarded products and non-sorted components or parts of radio and television equipment and signal devices”, belonging to solid wastes banned from import by China. This case marked the first seizure of solid electronic wastes inbound to Xiamen this year.

A few days ago, a trading company declared to Xiamen Customs for the LCD import. Through cargo inspection, the Customs officers found all those LCDs damaged in exterior to different extents, mostly made seven or eight years ago and marked with the notes such as “screen broken”, thus obviously belonging to unusable wastes that are not worth repairing. The Customs immediately resorted to the professional identification institute and finally confirmed such solid wastes under import ban.

At present, this batch of wastes has been transferred to the Customs anti-smuggling department for investigation.


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