Qingdao Customs Helps Export Wooden Furniture

Customs inspection of export furniture

In Qingdao Customs District, a batch of homemade wooden bookcases, worth 120,000 yuan, were recently exported to Ireland through expedite clearance at Dagang Customs House on the basis of export risk management and conformity assessment.


Export of wooden furniture is one of the features in Qingdao’s foreign trade. Nowadays, to reduce the clearance time, Dagang Customs House releases low-risk exports upon their declarations in view of enterprise credit standing, thus both meeting regulatory requirements and increasing clearance efficiency. 


In face of external pandemic spread, Dagang Customs House actively helps furniture exporters with trade challenges. Regarding foreign technical barriers to trade, the Customs House keeps dynamic tracking of overseas technical regulations, providing policy guidance on latest requirements for the exporters, and helps them with product quality control to enhance their competitive edge. The Customs also allows the exporters to online apply for and self-print the Certificate of Origin, which is used to enjoy tariff relief at the importing countries/regions. 


Additionally, Dagang Customs guides the enterprises on sterilization and disinfestation of materials storage yard, and cargo drying or dehumidification, to prevent the products from mildewing and deforming; it also upholds source management and whole-process traceability to ensure the safety and quality of export furniture.   


According to statistics, from January to August, Qingdao exported wooden furniture totaling 4.76 billion yuan in value, an increase of 16.1% year-on-year.


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