Hefei International Mail Exchange Office Clears 8.4mln Mails in One Year


April 26 marked the first anniversary of Hefei International Mail Exchange Office. That day, when Hefei Customs finished clearing the last outbound mails, the Mail Exchange Office got its clearance totaling 8.4 million pieces.


According to Hefei Customs statistics, since April 26 of last year, the Customs has cleared 8.4 million mails through the International Exchange Office, including 1.45 million inbound and 6.95 million outbound, averagely 23,000 mails under daily control, with single-day peak as many as 70,000 mails.


The imported goods were mainly milk powder, diaper, cosmetics, electronic products and bags, while the exported were mainly garments, hats, shoes, food, and decoration materials. To facilitate the mail clearance, the Customs provided conveniences such as overtime reservation and online brokerage for users.




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