Xiamen Customs Seizes 447 Pieces of Ivory Products Concealed in Luggage and Wine Boxes

 Xiamen Customs seizure of 447-pieces of ivory products



Xiamen Customs seizure of ivory products inside the luggage pull-rod


Recently, Xiamen Customs seized an illegal case of passenger entry with concealed ivory products, totaling 447 pieces, 1.51 kilograms found in luggage pull-rods and wine packing boxes.

That day, two Chinese passengers from Hong Kong arrived by air at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. In customs inspection, the Customs officers found their 2 pieces of luggage and 2 wine-boxes filled with suspected illegal articles; after disassembling the boxes and luggage, the officers seized tinfoil-wrapped ivory bracelets inside the 2 boxes as well as ivory chopsticks and bead-strings inside the luggage pull-rods.

The onsite seizure totaled 386 ivory beads, 19 strings of ivory bead-bracelets, 14 ivory bangles, 23 ivory pendants, 4 ivory plates of 24-cubic-centimeter volume, and one pair of ivory chopsticks.


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