Qingdao Customs Seizes 3,000 Illegal Blood-Collection Tubes at Airport

                                                Customs seizure of vacuum blood-collection tubes

In Qingdao Customs District, a batch of illegal inbound blood-collection tubes, totaling 3,000, were recently seized at express control site under Liuting Airport Customs House.

At the control site, customs officers intercepted the inbound express declared as “glass tubes” because they were irregular under X-ray machine. Through out-of-box inspection, the officers found 5 boxes of disposable vacuum blood-collection tubes, totaling 3,000, all of which contained some anticoagulant and were printed with the “PRP tube” mark outside.

In accordance with China’s regulations on medical devices, disposable vacuum blood-collection tubes must be registered as a medical device by drug/medical administrations; regarding customs clearance, the importer of medical devices must submit the “Certificate on Registration of Import Medical Devices” issued by drug/medical administrations.

In this case, the consignee had no relevant certificate and so the Customs detained those blood-collection tubes for further investigation.

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