Minister Ni Yuefeng Visits 3 African Countries and Signs Agreements with Foreign Partners

Minister Ni Yuefeng meets with Minister of Taxation of Ethiopia.

From November 11 to 20, Minister Ni Yuefeng led a delegation to Seychelles, Ethiopia and South Africa. This visit was to implement the results of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-African Cooperation and the consensus reached by leaders to serve the "Belt and Road" initiative and the building of a China-African community with a shared future. A number of customs, inspection and quarantine protocols and cooperation memorandum of understanding were signed, providing fruitful results for the visit.

Seychelles is located in the eastern part of African to the Indian Ocean. Its economy is dominated by tourism and fishery industry, with a small amount of handicraft industry. From November 11th to 13th, Ni visited Seychelles and met with Seychelles Vice President Merriton to exchange views and reach consensus on strengthening Sino-Serbian customs and quarantine cooperation and giving play to the role of customs in promoting the development of Sino-Serbian economic and trade relations. Both sides signed the Protocol between the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and the Seychelles Bureau of Standards on Inspection, Quarantine and Veterinary Sanitary Requirements for Wild Marine Fishing Aquatic Products to be Exported from the Republic of Seychelles to the People’s Republic of China. This is also the first cooperation document between China and Seychelles in the field of SPS, which greatly expands the range of the exporting products from Seychelles to China.

During his stay in Seychelles, Ni Yuefeng also met with the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Ministry of Seychelles and the Minister of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning Ministry of Seychelles, they exchanged in-depth views on how to continue to expand the quarantine access of Seychelles's agricultural products and food to China and jointly build the "Belt and Road" customs information platform, AEO cooperation, anti-smuggling enforcement, capacity building among other issues. Memorandums of understanding on animal and plant quarantine cooperation and customs cooperation were signed.

Agriculture is the backbone of Ethiopia's national economy and export earnings. From Nov. 14 to 15, Ni Yuefeng visited Ethiopia. He met with Minister of Ethiopian Agriculture Ministry and exchanged views on issues such as establishing an animal and plant quarantine cooperation mechanism and expanding the export of Ethiopian agricultural products and food to China. Minister Ni signed Cooperation documents on animal and plant quarantine cooperation and requirements for inspection and quarantine of mung beans exported to China. A Joint Declaration for Cooperation on Agri-Business Development of Ethiopia were signed among Minister Ni, the Minister of Agriculture of Ethiopia and the representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Ethiopia, thus promoting the establishment of a trilateral cooperation mechanism, providing Ethiopia's livestock industry with practical experience of China customs’ inspection and quarantine, and helping Ethiopia enhance the agricultural value of animal husbandry. He exchanged in-depth views with the Minister of Taxation of Ethiopia and the Chairman of the Customs Committee on issues such as combating ivory smuggling, capacity building, technical assistance and establishing bilateral customs cooperation mechanisms, and jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on strengthening cooperation.

While in Ethiopia, the delegation of the China Customs visited the AU Headquarters for the first time and formally established a working relationship. Minister Ni Yuefeng and Harrison, Economic Commissioner of the African Union Commission, exchanged in-depth views and reached broad consensus on the establishment of an overall cooperation mechanism for Sino-African customs inspection and quarantine, cooperation in capacity building, and signing of cooperation documents.

In recent years, South Africa's trade with Asia, the Middle East and other regions has been increasing. On Nov. 16, Ni Yuefeng visited South Africa and met with Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development of South Africa to discuss issues on exporting Chinese citrus and cooked poultry meat to South Africa and importing South African beef, fresh pears, avocados and dairy products, and inspection and quarantine issues such as e-certificate cooperation.

Ni Yuefeng met with the Acting Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service and exchanged in-depth views on joint enforcement actions to combat wildlife smuggling, initiation of mutual recognition between the two countries’ AEOs, closer customs cooperation under the multilateral framework, and cooperation on twining programs. They co-signed the Cooperation Plan 2020-2021 Between Xiamen Customs District of the People’s Republic of China and SARS Customs Durban of the Republic of South Africa. In addition, Ni Yuefeng met with the Minister of Trade and Industry of South Africa and exchanged views on exploring solutions to problems such as undervaluation, and quarantine access of agricultural products of the two countries.

International customs cooperation has become an important part of China's foreign cooperation. China Customs is willing to share with foreign Customs best practices and solutions to common challenges, to contribute to the modernization of customs agencies of the world.

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