China-Singapore Customs Cooperation Cracks Extra-Big Smuggling of Elephant Tusks

Customs seizure of smuggled elephant tusks


On July 22, under the GACC command, the Customs Districts of Nanning, Harbin and Guangzhou jointly cracked an extra-big smuggling case of endangered species such as elephant tusk, busting one international smuggling ring and capturing 12 criminal suspects; meanwhile, by providing precise intelligence, China Customs enabled Singapore Customs to seize 8.8 tons of elephant tusks smuggled by the smuggling ring. This case, hitting another record quantity of seized tusks, also involved 11.9 tons of seized pangolin scales.


It is found out that the international smuggling ring purchased elephant tusks and pangolin scales from Africa and, by hiding them in marine containers, tried to transit via Singapore toward China and other neighboring countries.


This anti-smuggling operation was one of transnational enforcement by China Customs in cooperation with Singapore Customs and Singapore National Parks Board. Since this year, China Customs has conducted many rounds of transnational anti-smuggling enforcement, helping the customs authorities of Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong SAR to seize a total of 11 tons of elephant tusks, 59.8 tons of pangolin scales and 90.5 kilograms of rhino horns.  


At present, this smuggling case is under further investigation.



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