Application for Paperless Clearance

Format of the Application Form as follows:

_______ Customs,

In order to further speed up the customs clearance and reduce the trade costs, we hereby file an application to you for the paperless customs clearance, and we undertake that, after we are qualified for the paperless customs clearance, we will:

1. be equipped with relevant software, hardware and other necessary equipment as required by the paperless customs clearance;


2. put the special China E-port IC card under strict management, and designate personnel to take charge of the use and custody of IC card. The applicant will report to Customs promptly within one working day after the loss of IC card it holds, and perform the declaration and report on the loss of card pursuant to provisions.

Where we fail to perform the management duties, and fail to provide sufficient evidence proving that IC card is used by the third person for customs declaration, such act will be deemed as an act done by the applicant.


3. We guarantee that the paper declaration form, invoice, packing list, bill of lading and other documents required by the Customs will be submitted by us or by our agent within 7 days after the electronic declaration form data are permitted.


4. The applicant will act in strict accordance with the administrative regulations on the paperless clearance, actively cooperate with the Customs, strengthen the internal management, and reinforce the supervision over the entrusted enterprises responsible for customs declaration, transportation and warehousing.


We hereby file this application and are looking forward for your approval.

Applicant: _______________Company

Date: Month     Day      Year




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