CRE Train of “Guangzhou-Horgos-Tashkent” Starts from Guangzhou


On the morning of June 6, the first train of “Guangzhou-Horgos-Tashkent” of China Railway Express (CRE) was loaded and launched from Guangzhou railway station under the customs control, adding to the international logistics corridor with Guangzhou, China.


This CRE train, carrying 90 TEUs and 288.7 tons of electro-communication products such as mobile communication base stations, antennas and microwave communication equipment, left for Tashkent, Uzbekistan by exiting from Horgos, Xinjiang Region. It will take 15 days to run through the journey about 7,000 kilometers.   

In support of CRE development, Guangzhou Customs provides “one-on-one” services for relevant businesses by keeping a collaborative mechanism with other Customs Districts of entry and exit. 


Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Guangzhou-based CRE trains have become a vital transport facility across the countries/regions involved in the “Belt and Road” to ensure the international supply chain. From January till May, Guangzhou CRE trains totaled 22 with total cargo value of 788 million yuan, including 21 outbound trains with 9,187-ton goods and 1 inbound with 1,070-ton goods. According to CRE, this year it will set off 100 trains from Guangzhou, running on the main routes to Russia, EU, Central Asia and South Asia.


On the next stage, Guangzhou Customs will continue to promote sea-railway combined transportation by both CRE and the shipping hub of Nansha Port.



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