What Are Other Goods Prohibited from Import apart from Those Listed in the Catalog of Goods Prohibited from Import?

Apart from those listed in the Catalog of Goods Prohibited from Import, others goods not allowed to be imported as per laws and regulations include:

1. Wastes not listed in the Catalog of Wastes Used for Raw Materials Restricted in Import and Catalog of Wastes Used for Raw Materials Subject to the Automatic Import Licensing Administration.
2. Scrap metals subject to radioactive contamination.
3. Relevant animals, animal products, animal feedstuffs such as meat and bone meal, and biological products from epidemic areas.
4. Right-hand-drive vehicles, second-hand (used) vehicles and motorcycles.
5. Waste titanium materials and ferro-titaniums as well as ferro-titanium wastes and scraps.
6. The unqualified titanium materials and titanium materials, which are subject to legal inspection.
7. Endangered species of wild fauna and flora.
8. Imitation guns.

9. Motor vehicles and compressors for the air conditioning systems of motor vehicles (including air conditioning machines for motor vehicles) using CFC-12 as refrigerants.

In addition, import of the following products is stopped:
Watches of domestic origin which have been exported; blood products such as VIII factor preparations; toothpaste of “DARK-IE”/ “DARLIE” brands; ammonium nitrate; ammonium chlorate; etc.

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