“Cross-Border E-Commerce Online-Shopping Bond A” Implemented in Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone

Customs officers inspect the loaded containers on truck.


In Hangzhou Customs District, the first goods (130,000 cans of cat food) imported under “Cross-Border E-Commerce Online-Shopping Bond A (1239)” were transited on July 1 into Zhoushan Port Comprehensive Bonded Area under the control of Zhoushan Customs House, marking the implementation of this “Online-Shopping Bond A” mode in Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ).


The import under Cross-Border E-Commerce Online-Shopping Bond means that e-commerce operators firstly store batched foreign commodities in Customs special control areas in the bonded way, allowing domestic consumers to make online order, and then declare the ordered commodities to Customs for their release out of the control areas, and finally deliver the commodities to the buyers. In this mode, the cross-border logistics make lower cost and faster delivery, only 3-5 days taken for domestic buyers to get their commodities after online order.   


According to Zhoushan Customs information, in line with GACC announcement in 2018 on canceling entry quarantine approval for part of animal and plant products including canned cat food, the Customs House is engaged in confirming the commodity information such as country of origin and registered factory, checking the commodity package and ensuring the commodity storage, thus saving enterprises from 20 workdays of quarantine approval. 


For efficient clearance of the first import under “Online-Shopping Bond A”, Hangzhou Customs finished control site settings and equipment in advance; held meetings with businesses in advance to explain regulatory requirements on early preparation, clearance process and follow-up supervision and give relevant help.


Now, Zhejiang Pilot FTZ is also applying for “Cross-Border E-Commerce Online-Shopping Bond (1210)” tryout, in a bid to provide more and better shopping choices for domestic consumers.



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