What Are the Registration Application Formalities for the Inbound and Outbound Vehicles of Enterprises Engaging in Freight to and from Hong Kong and Macao SARs outside Guangdong Province?

1. The enterprises engaging in freight to and from Hong Kong and Macao SARs registered in places other than Guangdong province shall go through enterprise registration formalities with competent Customs in accordance with the regulations on the strength of approval documents issued by relevant authorities (including the quotas for vehicles travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao approved by relevant government authorities, business licenses, and the operation certificates issued by transportation agencies). 

2. For the quota of vehicles travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, the aforesaid enterprises shall apply to the competent authorities of the local government. Then the competent government authorities will contact the Guangdong Provincial Government and handle matters relevant to the quota. 

3. Relevant enterprises (including existing enterprises that need renewal of registration) shall go through the vehicle registration procedures with the Customs of Kowloon and Gongbei respectively on strength of the approval document (the original) of registration issued by the competent customs, other relevant materials (copies which have been confirmed with official seals of the competent customs), and the certification letters issued by the competent authorities of the Guangdong Provincial Government. 

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