Gongbei Customs Seizes 42 Pieces of Antique Ink-Stones Outward

Recently, Gongbei Customs seized  42 outbound ink-stones which belong to cultural relics.


According to  authority, the ink-stones were all made in ancient times and  belong to the cultural relics that are banned from exportation.


Customs reminders: regarding the relics banned or restricted in exportation, passengers must declare to  Customs for carrying, consigning and mailing them , and  Customs will clear them on the strength of relevant licenses; if the outward relics are intercepted for lack of due declaration,  Customs will confiscate them or penalize the passengers according to laws/regulations; if any crime is involved, the passengers will be subjected to legal responsibilities.



The 42 antique ink-stones seized by Gongbei Customs



An antique ink-stone seized by the Customs





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