Tianjin Customs Promotes Intelligent Inspection on Goods

On January 11, an export of wallboards cleared customs at the port of Tianjin by means of intelligent technology, with only 14 minutes spent from machine scanning, image inspection through cargo release.  

Since last year, Tianjin Customs has been further applying intelligent inspection facility in cargo inspection, which is based on AI technology, big data and cloud platform. At present, for a single consignment, image inspection time has been reduced from earlier 18.5 minutes  to 8.8 minutes.  

In support of export businesses, Tianjin Customs added the information of 150 advanced certified enterprises into its intelligent inspection system to automatically provide conveniences for those enterprises. For example, as Tianjin is the world’s biggest hub of bicycle supply, the Customs has built a standard image library of bicycle products on its intelligent inspection system, facilitating comparison between the goods to inspect and the standard images, so as to reduce manual review.      

Since 2020, Tianjin Customs has kept intelligent inspection facility working by 7*24 hours, personnel on-duty for 365 days and reservation service by 7*24 hours. Through risk analysis as per enterprise credit rating, the Customs makes classified non-intrusive inspection, with immediate release rate not less than 90%, saving much time and cost for enterprises.  

In addition to faster clearance, Tianjin Customs makes anti-smuggling effortsmore precise by means of AI technology. In 2020, intelligent inspection facility enabled the Customs to seize 555 concealments and false declarations, involving 5 smuggling cases of illegal solid waste, 2 cases of endangered species (such as African blackwood and moose antlers), and 2 cases of dangerous goods (such as fireworks and firecrackers). 

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