Guangzhou Customs Clears 3.97 Million International Mails

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, international flights have been reduced a lot, causing serious delay of international mail delivery. Therefore, Guangzhou Customs actively helps postal firms with inbound and outbound deliveries by opening temporary postal routes. Since February 2020, with the help of the Customs, 8 temporary postal routes from Guangzhou have been set up to ensure smooth clearance of 3.97 million international mails (totaling 1,191 tons).

Recently, 201 outbound mailbags (totaling 2.33 tons) were transited by lorry from Guangzhou International Mail Exchange to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and then delivered by air to Israel, marking the first temporary postal route opened by Guangzhou Customs in 2021.   

By now, among the 8 temporary postal routes, there are 7 outbound routes and 1 inbound route. The outbound routes, all starting from Guangzhou, transit mails via Nanning, Chengdu, Chongqing and Shenzhen toward final destinations in Europe, North America, West Asia, and so on.    

Specifically, Guangzhou Customs keeps service counters for postal clearance and closely collaborates with other customs districts and government agencies in streamlining the transit clearance. Meanwhile, by using intelligent customs system, the Customs conducts online remote control over cargo loading, unloading and inspection to ensure efficient processing.

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