Huangpu Customs Seizes 470,000 Pieces of Infringing Goods in “Soaring Dragon” Campaign


Statistics show that during the “Soaring Dragon” campaign Huangpu Customs applied IPR protection measures 36 times and seized about 470,000 pieces of infringing goods in total.


Since the campaign began, Huangpu Customs has carried out IPR protection simultaneously at 58 Customs control sites, covering all operation areas including sea transport, land transport, express delivery, passenger inspection and cross-border e-commerce. The Customs also set up an IPR infringement risk evaluation expert team composed of multiple divisions, which fully leverages the national coverage of the Customs National Targeting Center (Cross-border Land Cargo/Processing Trade and Bonded Cargo) of General Administration of Customs. The team collaborates with the Customs Targeting Center of Huangpu Customs in carrying out key monitoring and control, and the latter targeted an export consignment of 120,000 pens infringing the “Hero” trademark of Shanghai Hero (Group) Ltd.


During the campaign, by strengthening information sharing, case co-studying and intensifying collaborative law enforcement, Huangpu Customs seized 800 USB flash drives infringing the patent of Netac Technology Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Shenzhen Customs, and seized 148,920 socket panels and 35,000 switch accessories infringing the “OPPO” trademark in collaboration with Ningbo Customs.


In order to effectively enhance the enterprises’ participation and sense of gaining in IPR protection at the border, Huangpu Customs has arranged IPR liaisons for key enterprises, turning IPR protection from a headache for enterprises to a service by Customs, with special personnel appointed to assist the enterprises to carry out anti-counterfeiting work.




Huangpu Customs seizes 120,000 infringing pens in “Soaring Dragon” campaign.




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