Nantong Customs Seizes Over 800 Tons of Smuggled Frozen Food


On November 2, Nantong Customs, an affiliate of Nanjing Customs, cracked a smuggling case of frozen food, seized 1 smuggling ship, 32 containers of smuggled goods, and 10 criminal suspects (including 4 foreigners).


The smuggling ship, bypassing Customs areas, were transporting more than 800 tons of animal offal from Taiwan to Nantong for sale in the mainland. After intercepting the ship, Customs officers found the smuggled frozen food including pork tripe from the Netherlands, duck wings and duck feet from France, some of which are banned from import because of potential harm to human health.


At present, this case is under further investigation.



The officers are inspecting the smuggled goods



The officers are counting the seized frozen food


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