Hangzhou Customs Seizes Inbound Mail with Excess Nuclear Radiation


Recently, Hangzhou Customs solved an incident of finding excess nuclear radiation in an inbound mail, seizing 1 used camera and 2 lenses that were out of limit in such injurious factors. To date, the Customs has banned the entry of the mail and will return it abroad later.


That day, when subordinate Postal Office received an alarm by nuclear-radiation monitoring system at the entry channel, the Customs officers immediately launched relevant emergency plan: evacuating the postal staff, cordoning off the scene, taking enough protective measures and then unpacking the concerned parcel to detect the radioactivity. Through the measurement, it was found out that the mailed camera and lenses had β ray value of 0.51Bq/cm2 (upper limit: 0.4 Bq/cm2) and γ ray value of 1.34μsu/h (upper limit: 1.00μsu/h), both beyond the limits. Without delay, the officers put the mail into a special isolated area to prevent the nuclear radiation from impacting the outside.



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