Chongqing Customs Helps Export Needle Mushrooms to Thailand


Recently, 11,000 cartons of fresh needle mushrooms originating in Chongqing Municipality were cleared by Chongqing Customs and transported in cold chain to Thailand by China’s western land-sea corridor.


On the basis of risk assessment, Chongqing Customs rolled out an advance approval mode for this outward consignment, conducting many advance approvals simultaneously such as export food manufacturer registration and export crops plantation registration, so as to greatly enhance the approval efficiency; it helped enterprises with full use of origin certification benefits, issuing China-ASEAN Preferential Certificate of Origin to help them get duty relief (up to 1.55 million US dollars per year) from import countries; regarding the urgent clearance demand, it conducted facilitating measures such as advance declaration and reserved inspection to release the fresh mushrooms as soon as possible.


This year, Chongqing Customs District has the plan in support of exporting local food and agricultural products. According to statistics, from January to August, Chongqing-exported food and agricultural products totaled over USD74.50 million in value, an increase of 6.24% year-on-year.



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