Shanghai Customs Provides “Door-to-Door” Service for F1 Grand Prix


On April 7, the Formula 1 Grand Prix (F1) officially opened in Shanghai. Since then, related 7 chartered planes and over USD22 million-worth goods have been cleared by Customs.


The F1 import includes various goods and out-of-box audit must be conducted in the presence of auto racers. Therefore, Shanghai Customs provided door-to-doorservice, sending officers to the racing venue to finish all inspection items and ensure smooth preparation for the event.


Besides door-to-door service, the Customs adopted other convenient measures like clearance by special window and reservation of clearance, while cooperating with the event organizers and agents. During the event, the Customs would keep onsite control and help re-export of related goods.


Till April 7, totally 120 batches have gone through inspection and release procedures, including 7 chartered planes, 42 TEU containers and 59-batch bulk goods, totaling 770 tons worth USD22.42 million. The goods included 32 racing autos and safety cars, 28 engines, 2190 tires as well as construction materials, broadcasting devices, and kitchenware.



Shanghai Customs officers were inspecting at the F1 venue.




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