Dalian Customs Seizes Mobile Phone Accessories Infringing Trademark of “Apple”


On October 24, at Dalian Airport, the Customs seized mobile phone accessories infringing the trademark of “Apple”, carried by a passenger.


That day, the Customs officers found an outward passenger’s luggage abnormal under X-ray inspection and, by opening the case, discovered a lot of earphones and battery chargers with the “Apple” logo and rough metal joints. Seeing the poor quality, the officers suspected the accessories of infringing the IPR. In total, there were 303 pieces of earphones and 109 pieces of chargers, valued at RMB 100,000 yuan.


Now this case is under further investigation.



The counterfeit “Apple” earphones seized by Dalian Customs



The counterfeit “Apple” charger seized by Dalian Customs


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