Shenzhen Customs Seizes Concealed Bird’s Nests, Cameras and Drives Worth over 3mln Yuan


Shenzhen Customs  announced recently that its subordinate Huanggang Customs House seized an illegal trafficking of so-declared power supply devices together with undeclared edible birds nests, Canon DSLR Cameras and Kingston solid disks, totally worth over 3 million yuan. They were concealed in a container truck, with both Guangdong and Hong Kong license plates, passing through the border during  night time.


On the evening of January 16, at about 21:00, the Huanggang port was still busy with numerous container trucks running through between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. At 21:20, based on earlier analysis, onsite officers stopped a container truck at freight transport passage for total inspection.


According to specific Customs Declaration form, the truck was loaded with 3 kinds of power supply devices in one import consignment by ordinary trade mode. After opening its container, the officers found the declared goods in boxes near the container door; but, further inside the container, the officers found many square cartons respectively filled with pricy box-packed birds nests, Canon DSLR cameras, and Kingston solid-state drives.


By counting, those concealed goods included 165kg birds nests, 269 Canon DSLR cameras and 1,710 Kingston solid-state drives, totaling about 750kg, valued more than 3 million yuan.




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