Shenzhen Customs Seizes 10kg Pangolin Scales


On February 6, at Futian port, Shenzhen Customs seized 10 kilograms of pangolin scales, equivalent to 25 pangolins scales.


That day, one Hong Kong middle-aged woman with two black plastic bags entered the port. In random inspection, Customs officers found that the items in her two bags were also fully and tightly wrapped by yellow sellotape. When being asked about the content, the woman told there were decorative materials. However, after opening the bags with a knife, the officers found out a total of 10kg pangolin scales therein.


According to relevant laws/regulations, besides pangolin and pangolin scale, the wild animals/plants banned or restricted in entry and exit include ivory, zebra skin, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn, red deer horn, scarlet macaw, hawksbill, giant clam, pearly nautilus, red coral, red sandalwood and eaglewood. Any passenger with any of such items will be administratively penalized or even be criminally prosecuted by the Customs, though the items confiscated.



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