Tianjin Customs Seizes 5 Tons of Raw Charcoal in Illegal Export

Recently, Tianjin Customs District seized 5 tons of raw charcoal to be illegally exported by false declaration at Xingang Port, which was the first case of charcoal smuggling at this port in recent 3 years. 


This batch of charcoal was declared as flush toilet, ceramic basins and ceramic tiles to Xingang Customs House to evade export control. However, through out-of-box inspection, customs officers found 4,400 cartons of raw charcoal, totaling 5 tons, in two containers. Now, this case is under further anti-smuggling investigation.


Charcoal, as a multi-purpose commodity, is in strong demand on the international market. Reportedly, to make 1 ton of charcoal needs to burn off about 10 tons of natural wood, with noxious gas produced to pollute the environment. Since 2004, China has listed wood-made charcoal into the goods prohibited from export and the Customs authority has been cracking down on charcoal smuggling activities.

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