Nanjing Customs Helps Export Homebuilt Ships from Nantong

According to Nanjing Customs statistics, during January-November, the seaport of Nantong exported 108 newly-built ships, worth 8.47 billion yuan.

In support of local shipbuilding industry, Nantong Customs House often makes researches in the industrial development and provides shipbuilding enterprises with full guidance concerning processing-trade account write-off, ship supplies approval, ship declaration, etc. to enhance the efficiency in clearing export ships.    

For example, Wison (Nantong) Heavy Industry Company Ltd., engaging in marine engineering product development, is tapping into the international market. Therefore, Nantong Customs House actively provides “one-on-one” services for the Company, helping it make product surveys, analyze the rules and procedures of origin, select suitable certificates, and utilize FTA concessional policies.   

Regarding ship processing trade that features numerous materials and long cycles, Nantong Customs guides the enterprises through online control involving “self-registration, self-declaration, and self-payment”, averagely raising each transaction efficiency by 70%; exempts the enterprises from security deposit for processing-trade handbook operations, with 330 million yuan exempted from January to November, thus reducing the business cost. Additionally, in terms of enterprise mergers and reorganizations, the Customs allows inter-enterprises allocation of assets by deep-processing transit or special area transit, so as to activate bonded goods.   

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