China Customs Severely Punishes Export of Substandard Anti-Epidemic Supplies


On March 31, the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), the GACC and the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) jointly issued an announcement that export medical supplies including novel coronavirus testing kits, face masks, protective suits, ventilators and infrared thermometers must be qualified by the NMPA as up to the quality standards of relevant importing countries/regions.


Regarding the specified medical supplies, the Customs must conduct 100% documentary examination, with intensive check on whether the goods are consistent with declared names and quantity, whether or not they are mildewed, contaminated, expired, damaged, infringing on IPR, mingled with impurities or fakes, and disguised as the standard ones. So far, China Customs has seized 11.205 million pieces of the medical supplies manufactured by non-nominated businesses or unaccompanied by medical product registration certificate, involving 9.941 million masks, 155,000 protective suits, 1.085 million testing kits, and 24,000 infrared thermometers, through the channels of trade, post, express and cross-border e-commerce.


In case that any of the exports is found lawbreaking and incompliant, relevant authorities will severely punish the businesses involved, as follows:


1. If they try to evade customs control by false declaration and concealment, the Customs will by law confiscate the smuggled goods and illegal gains, along with imposition of fines; in the criminal case, the judiciary will, according to the Criminal Law, impose fixed-term imprisonment or penal servitude and fines on the parties concerned.


2. If the export supplies are mingled with impurities or fakes and disguised as the standard ones, the Customs will by law terminate the export process, confiscate illegal gains and impose the fine at more than 50% and less than 3 times of the cargo value. 


3. In the case of smuggling action or crime, the Customs will directly degrade the businesses involved to discredited enterprises, and impose stricter control such as increasing cargo inspection ratio and business auditing frequency and collecting security deposit in full. Besides, the GACC will make joint punishment together with other authorities. 


4. Relevant authorities will boost public exposure of the punished businesses, such as disclosing their company information and illegal actions on GACC websites, local credit-rating websites and other media.



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