Hangzhou Customs Makes “11.11” Cargo Control Orderly with Technology

Monitoring, patrolling, unpacking, X-ray scanning, customs sealing, etc. on November 11, at 02:00 a.m., Customs-controlled warehouses were still illuminated for cargo inspection in Xiasha Park of Hangzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Pilot Area. Officers led by Xie Linfeng had worked for straight 12 hours in the warehouses, as the center for processing cross-border e-commerce imports on 11.11 online-shopping day, to ensure smooth clearance for domestic online buyers.


For the Double Eleven day this year, many e-commerce providers like Alibaba, JingDong, Netease made enough preparations for their cross-border e-commerce promotions, with participant firms and commodities both on high-quantity records in Xiasha Park. Till November 9, the imported commodities totaled more than 10 million pieces. With huge volume, dispersed control points, centralized delivery time, and short manpower, customs officers were put under huge pressure and challenge for cargo control.


Get efficiency through technology. Hangzhou Customs District has specifically developed a Cross-Border E-Commerce Clearance Management System to achieve full informatization of cargo control. By using the system, when buyers finish their order and pay at online terminal, the Customs can real-timely finish automatic comparisons among order, logistic and payment data, thus getting efficiency higher. Officer Xie Linfeng said, Like those silicon-free shampoos from Japan, they were transited from airport to the Park 7 days ago, then tallied and handled within 1 day, meanwhile automatically reported to the Customs. Just now, as a Shanghai buyer placed an order online, we real-timely got his declaration data and immediately began to check. From receipt to release, our clearance process was done within 10 minutes.


Besides the system, the Customs set up a control securing program and a contingency plan in advance, with working teams composed by CPC members assigned to all control sites, to fulfill itsfull-year (365 days) 24-hour service commitment; optimized the process to make one-stop clearance involving commodity allocation, logistics and delivery.


According to the statistics, from 0:00 to 16:30 on November 11, in Xiasha Park only, the Customs had cleared totally 650,000 parcels worth CNY90.19 million.



Customs Officers were inspecting bonded imports in Xiasha Industry Park.



 Customs Officers were inspecting “11.11” e-commerce imports by X-ray machines.



 Customs cross-border clearance control site on the early morning of Nov 11.



Customs officers were monitoring big data of cross-border e-commerce clearance.


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