Yinchuan Customs Helps Export Ningxia Wolfberry Fruits


According to Yinchuan Customs statistics, from January to May, the export of wolfberry fruits (fructus lycii) from Ningxia Region totaled 1,712 tons, worth 91.79 million yuan, up 35.9% and 26.5% year-on-year respectively, accounting for 38.3% of China’s total. 


In the five months, the export-to-EU value reached 42.24 million yuan, up 42.2% YOY, accounting for 46% of the total, including 13.64 million yuan worth to Netherlands and 12.22 million yuan worth to Germany; the export-to-USA value was 25.08 million yuan, up 57.4% YOY, making the US the biggest importer of Ningxia wolfberry fruits.


To safeguard the brand effects of Ningxia wolfberry fruits on overseas markets, Yinchuan Customs has, for two consecutive years, conducted field investigation on pesticide residue of the wolfberry fruits, in light of foreign notifications on pesticide residue, and offered product quality training for local exporters to ensure the export quality.


Reportedly, the Customs makes immediate clearance on receiving the export declaration, greatly shortening the clearance time, and also provides duty relief to a larger extent for the export on the strength of Certificate of Origin, thus enabling the businesses to put more funds into further product processing and to enhance their international competitiveness.  



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