Customs and Quarantine Declarations Integrated for One Month, Benefiting Over 1,500 Enterprises in Zhejiang Province


Since April 20 when the qualifications for customs declaration and quarantine declaration were integrated, an enterprise has been able to get integrated qualifications just by making relevant application and single registration on “China International Trade Single Window” platform. By May 20, marking one full month in the new mode, there have been more than 1,500 enterprises enjoying this reform benefit in Zhejiang Province (except Ningbo City), with the transaction time shortened to 10-15 minutes on average.    


Reportedly, the new mode is an important progress in the integration reform in line with the Organizational Deepening Reform Plan by the CPC and the state. Over the past month, the “Single Window” system has been running well and bringing the reform benefits into effect more faster. “After the Customs integrated customs and quarantine declarations, we also integrated our quarantine declaration with customs declaration,” said Chen Ping, Manager of Taizhou Dexin Customs Brokerage Company, “each of our declarers is now engaged in both declarations, reducing the cost by 50%, with errors reduced considerably, so as to help raise our competitive edge.”


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