Temporary Registration of Other Declarer Units

Article 1. Scope of customs declarer units with  temporary registration

Where any of the following units has not obtained the foreign-trade operator  registration form but needs to undertake non-trade import and export activities, it may go through temporary registration formalities:
1. permanent representative offices of overseas enterprises, news and economic  trade institutions and cultural organizations lawfully established within the territory of the P. R. China;
2. the units importing and exporting small amounts of sample goods;
3. institutions such as state organs, schools and scientific research institutes;
4. the units that temporarily accept donations, gifts and international aid;
5. international shipping agencies; or
6. other units that may engage in non-trade import and export activities.
Article 2. Application for temporary registration
Before making declarations to the Customs, the units that seek to become temporarily registered shall go through the temporary registration formalities with the Customs at the relevant exit-entry ports or with local supervisory Customs.
When going through the temporary registration formalities, the units shall present their appointment or authorization certificates and non-trade activity certificates.

Article 3. Period of validity of temporary registration
The Customs will not issue a formal registration certificate to the units applying for temporary registration but will only issue them a certificate for temporary registration.
The temporary registration will be valid for up to 7 days unless otherwise provided by China’s law, administrative regulations or Customs rules.

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