Nanjing Customs Clears First-Batch Ukrainian Soybeans into Jiangsu Prov.



In Nanjing Customs District, the first batch of Ukrainian soybeans, totaling 1,031.74 tons in 36 containers, were inspected and released by Rugao Customs House on October 17. Then, the soybeans, worth more than 3.12 million yuan, were transited by water to Huai’an, Jiangsu Province for further processing.


After a special control site was designated at the port of Rugao on May 8, Rugao Customs House helped the importer get Quarantine Permit in advance and streamlined the clearance by making inspection at the time of declaration, so as to reduce the business cost; it also ensured the quality and safety of the imported soybeans by taking closer control of all operational procedures including transport, loading/unloading, warehousing, inspection, leftovers disposal, and epidemic monitoring.



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