Assessment procedure for the meat products intended to be exported to China

According to the regulations and laws of China and international common practices, the meat products intended to export to China should be exported upon completion of the following assessment procedures:

(1)Written application should be formally submitted to the General Administration of Customs of P.R. China for any meat products intended to export to China. China decides whether Examination Procedures for Assessment of Import Meat Products is to be triggered off on basis of the animal quarantine condition of the country intending to export to China. If the system is triggered, risk assessment questionnaires of the related meat products would be given to the country intending to export to China.

(2) Should the country intending to export respond according to the questionnaires and provide the relevant technological information including law and regulation system of veterinary and public health of the country intending to export, organization structure, system of veterinary services, quality control system, production methods of the products, health safety control system, residue control system, animal disease examination and monitoring situation etc. relevant information.

(3) China carries out risk analysis and assessment against questionnaires and relevant information provided by the country intending to export. If the assessment concludes conditions of health safety of the meat products within the risk-acceptable boundary, China will send her experts to the export country for site visit.

(4) Both sides discuss and negotiate the content of protocol for inspection and quarantine of the meat products to be exported to China till both reach the consent and then sign and recognize the content and format of the health certificate.

Upon completion of the aforesaid examination assessment procedures, China shall require the enterprises of the country intending to export meat products to China to abide by relevant laws and regulations to process enterprise registration. At the same time, the country intending to export to China is required to provide information of the registered enterprises, such as product types, signature of veterinary officers etc. Enterprises registered in China should be included into “List of Countries/Regions and their correspondent exported Meat Products for intended imports into China in Compliance of Assessment” and published in the website of the General Administration of Customs of People’s Republic of China that the latter is approved to export products to China.

Since then, Chinese importers should obtain the filing qualification of the consignee of imported meat products according to the relevant regulations, and then apply for permission to import meat products from the registered enterprises of the exporting country. After obtaining the quarantine permit for entry animals and plants of People's Republic of China, importers should import meat products that meet the requirements of inspection and quarantine. When the meat products arrive at the ports of China, China Customs shall be responsible for the inspection and quarantine. Besides, the meat products exported to China are required to meet the requirements of international regulations on protection of wild animals.

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